Monday, 6 October 2014

Awkward #11 | Identity Theft

credits : someecards 
Enuff said?

Awkward #10 The problem with Relationships..

When you’re relationship is in trouble, you have two options. The first one is to listen / fight about it or you could take up the second option and simply close the door on your relationship.

It took me sometime but I realized that most people who I know are in relationships are living a lie. A lie that happy endings exist and that even though they have trust and ego issues, it’s okay to battle it out with each other on an almost daily basis. I understand the honeymoon period is over, but honey if it ain’t working out now, it simply is not going to work out later.

Before my blog turns into a relationship blog, let me give you a little background to this story.
Once a upon a time, there was a Maharashtrian boy who fell in love with a Punjabi Girl. The boy was your typical ‘Krish’ from 2 States while the girl was a hard core Honey Singh fan? She was a typical Punjaban. Both of them attached to their families and while the boy spent most his years living without his parents, she was brought up under her parents shadow. It had only been a year and she had caught the ‘air of the new city’.

I know it’s none of my business, but I’m getting caught in between.  For instance, last week a party took place and I had to take the girls back home. They were so drunk that I wasn’t sure what happened at the place because I was busy with calls. I’m working on a project right now. ^^
I only have hints about what happened.  As a rule I always ensure to let my friend’s boyfriends know what happened. It’s also a clue that next time am not taking any shit.

Honestly what would you have done?

If I hadn’t told him, she wouldn’t have either. The problem is when you have too many people in the party. Its better if it comes from a friend, rather than from someone else. At least that’s a rule I live by.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Awkward #9 Identity Crisis

Maybe I'm not the most optimistic person I claim to be?
May be its just a coincidence?
Maybe I'm overreacting?

I've spent most of my life trying to become something I'm not. Trying to fit in places I don't really like to be in. I think we've all sort of faced it sometime in our lives. Maybe not in college but maybe at home?
I think most of my childhood, infact even right now at home, I've always tried to fit in the environment my parents created for me but I know I'm not the perfect fit.

Maybe this is something most Indian children feel, pressurized by their parents to live a dream that they didn't get to live, but whats the use? If they needed a puppet, they could have bought one. Puppets are old, maybe Robots. But lets be frank, these robots can have their own mind too (just ask Will Smith).

As I near the end of college, I feel that my life is heading in a direction where I see only darkness, but isn't it us, who choose where we want to travel? Some of us decide to use the GPS and the rest  don't ask for directions.

But if you don't ask directions it will take longer, right?

Then why is that people who don't ask for directions win? 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The TRESemme Review : Split Remedy Shampoo

What does a girl really need? 
A great shampoo and conditioner that gives her the confidence she needs. After all, a bad day is a day lost. 
Despite living in Bangalore for the past few months, I've been lucky enough to avoid split ends, so this time, I decided to share this product with my BFF. 

Facts about friends hair : 
We both moved to the city almost the same time. We've both have had our share of hair damage except that her hair coloring habits aggravated the issue. 
She's been following a strict regime of hair oiling & using mild shampoos. 

Pre TRESemme Regime
Ayurvedic oil  massage every alternative day, followed by a hair wash with Dove Shampoo in the morning.

Post TRESemme 
Ayurvedic oil massage followed with shampooing and conditioner in the morning.

The Result
Softer and more manageable hair
Less Split Hair
Hair fall more or less the same

Facts about my hair:
Developed Dandruff  last month (Thank you so much Bangalore), dry hair aggravated due to over use of hair straightener (my career depends on it)

Pre TRESemme
Ayurvedic Oil (never)
Hair wash every alternate day without conditioner. Switch between three  different brands. Completely avoid Dove Products.

Post TRESemme 
Soft, manageable hair, Great smelling hair, no regrets about using the straightener. These days I even avoid the straightener. Hair fall is normal.

My friend and I rate the shampoo and conditioner a good 3.5/5 
The product is aptly priced and you don't need too much of the product in one wash. I've had issues with TRESemme when I moved to India for the first time due to hair fall. However, after  three months the issue was over.

The products were provided by TRESemme. This review is the personal opinion of the author and was written as a part of the contest hosted at

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hello from another land

Hello Lovelies,

How are you doing today? 
Here are some photos from my trip abroad. Tuscan sun I love you. Food, am mad about you. People will you all marry me?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

From the Kitchen of mine

If I could have anything in the world, it would include a 5000 sq ft apartment in Manhattan with my very own chef, but for now I cook myself. Here's something that I cooked today and I just couldn't help but share the recipe.
Try this at home for a more appetizing experience.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Awkward #8 | PreTravel Rush

As much as I hate to admit it, shopping can be pretty much like this drawing. But whats fun without a maze and one before a big travel, its the best, aint it?

So where am I travelling?
Far away. The Tuscan sun is exactly what I need right now. Inspiration come to me.

Till next time.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Awakard #7 | The Roommate

The Roommate

<inserts doom music>

Have you ever watched a Business documentary? Ever noticed the background score is always one of those tragic - awaiting - doom compositions. Its absolutely disturbing and makes more sense in my case.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Awkward #6 | The Best thing is not a thing.

I don't trust people who find the whole Lemon story very optimistic, because they are the same people who tell others that MBA is the best thing that will happen to them. 

Am flash forwarding couple of months ahead to today. 

Today was the official last day of my seniors. We organised a fancy farewell ceremony for them. I realized today that while I would miss a lot of people, they were the same that I want to forget. 

People who tell you that MBA is going to be all cotton candy, hearts and bubbles are bullshitting. They are right about the work though - its a lot, but about the people we would meet? Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

What type of friends leave you for a guy who is a complete ass? 
There are the ones that want the free ride. 

Thanks a lot strange city. 


Monday, 3 March 2014

Awkward #5

We're 5 posts down? That's fast.

The thing about little notes is that, they are cute, just like me :P

I've decided to take a pause from my 'looooooooovelife' and focus on a much important area for a few days. Committees. I desperately want to be part of the committees, but I made a major screw up and now I don't think I can officially become a member of any committee. I feel like a kid being drenched in rain. You don't want it, because it feels good for sometime and then you realize you need to dry yourself and the towel is already wet.

P.S I blame the wifi. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Sunsilk Recharge Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised last week, when my doorman asked me to sign a courier. A big package arrived from an unknown destination. It was big, the size of a lamp. After ripping off the package, I discovered there was a lamp in it, but not just any lamp. It was a lamp by Sunsilk that included Sunsilk's new shampoo and conditioner.

A leaf shape brochure revealed more about the product. Created by Jamal Hammadi, Sunsilk's new Natural Recharge Shampoo and conditioner is infused with ginseng plant root extract for hair strength and vitality.

My hair generally is dry and gets knotted easily after a hair wash. I wanted this shampoo - conditioner combo to work, especially since none of the products I've bought since I've moved has worked for me.
After a week of usage, I must say am surprised.

The verdict :
My hair smells amazing. The fragrance lasts for a very long time.
My hair feels softer and is so much easy to manage.
The conditioner doesn't cause hair fall like the other ones I've used in the past.

Will I buy it?
Of course.
A 182 ml shampoo and conditioner bottle would cost me Rs 132 each.


Awkward #4

I see him.

I see him not.

Here you go. We're awkward again.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Friday, 21 February 2014

Awkward #2

03. June. 2014

So am in this new city. Its interesting. I live a little on the outskirts of the city. Pretty close to the border. So its really exciting. One of these days I hope to cross it and explore the other state.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Awkward #1

Hello world

Ever noticed how people tend to spell awkward wrong? I don't blame them, its a weird word. Anyway am pretty sure you're wondering whats with the title. To be honest, its been a long time since I've written something, so you can understand why the awkwardness. Plus, ever since I've moved to a new city, things have become pretty awkward (Mental note : must get a thesauruses) and I just have way too much to fill in here. 

Hope you'll stay around to read some more of my awkward life. Till then xoxo. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fancy flying your own microlight plane?

Every fancied flying your own microlight plane?

You could if you could find the best way to communicate the concept of experience gifting to the end-consumer. The communication should result from a thought process and should have a creative brief attached which has to be transformed to the final communication. The communication should be very crisp and clear.

Log onto for complete details. Don't worry you don't have to be a student.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Lets just go somewhere

So I wake up this morning to see an interesting contest on 
You guys know indiblogger, right? 
No? Check it out then....anyway so I wake up this morning and I see a contest by.......

*drum roll*


I love this app. Its so much convenient and easier to travel especially since I am still living on a student income. Ever time I travel back home (you know am an NRI right?), I ensure I check out prices on skyscanner before making a booking. Skyscanner gives me a comparison among various airline options including those with and without layovers.  This is definitely a dream app for companies looking for cheap flights for their employees. 

Anyway, after travelling almost no where except home last year, I've started to make some bizarre plans. Maybe its because I will have a short break after my internship. This trip we hope is going to be....*wait for it* legend *continue waiting for it* -ary. 
Yes I said it...this trip is going to be legendary. 

After spending a month in class googling locations, we finally trickled down to the following three locations. 
1. Thailand
2. Italy (because someone I know lives there) 
3. Maldives

Now, I need not remind you but we are students, so a lot of our travel decision is going to depend on travel and stay and with skyscanner life is going to be so much easier and this is how.

Located in Asia, Thailand is a dream destination for honeymooners and backpackers (like me) alike. The numerous beaches are the closest you can get to the Bahamas for now. 

A ticket to Phuket from Mumbai would cost us Rs. 24,438 (Malaysian Airlines), while the stay at Kata Lucky Villa Access would cost us a total of Rs 18622 for 8 days. 

I love Italy. Leave me in Italy and I won't complain. I've been here before and it doesn't hurt to go back. The food is amazing and the people beautiful. I highly recommend staying in Rome.

A return trip ticket to Italy would cost me Rs. 49473. Thank you Eygpt Air. 
The stay if you don't have a loved one there would cost you approx. Rs. 67000 at the Exe Domus Aurea. If you have deeper pockets St. Regis Hotel would be the best choice forward. 

I don't care if you think its a honeymoon destination. Maldives is one cheap place to fly to courtesy the folks at Spicejet. At just Rs. 12000, you could visit the beautiful islands of Maldives. And the hotel at Male, you ask? 
Rs. 25063 for 8 days at the Dace Hotel. 

Now this is a toughie. We could either go to Italy and spend more on clothes or go to Maldives at swim to our hearts content or go to Thailand and just chill our way through 8 days. I don't how you guys would make your decision. Just way too much smart travel happening. 

Thank you Skyscanner.

Skyscanner is an app/website that links you to the best travel and hotel deals. I've been using this app for a year now and I love it. Every trip my family has made, has been successful (in terms of budget) is because of these guys.